Here is a complete list of all of my posts thus far. I hope you enjoy!
May 2022
Explore the World with Credit Card Points

January 2022
Start Fresh in February

December 2021
Google FI or Mint Mobile

July 2021
Beware the Sunk Cost Fallacy

June 2021
Money in the Media #41: Graduates
Build Your Dope Village
Money in the Media #40: LGBTQ+ Finances
Personal Finance is Not Just about the Math
Money in the Media #39: Social Security
Front Load Your Retirement

May 2021
Life Gets More Expensive
Money in the Media #38: Long Term Care
How to Set Up an Investment Account

March 2021
We Bought Another House!
Women Supporting Women
Dreams Become Reality When You Budget for Them

February 2021
Focused Frugal February: Great Food on a Budget
We Had a $1,000 Emergency Bill
Focused Frugal February: Entertainment during COVID
Focused Frugal February: Clothing

January 2021
Focused Frugal February 2021
Money in the Media #37: The Black Tax
The First Week of 2021

December 2020
Partnership with Juno!
Time to Take of in 2021

November 2020
Money in the Media #36: Small Business
In Honor of Black Friday, I’m Cleaning Out the House
Money in the Media #35: How to Talk About Money
Pursuing FI is a Good Idea for Everyone
Money in the Media #34: Changing the Conversation
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

September 2020
Money in the Media #33: Dave Ramsey
Damsel of Success Guest Post!

August 2020
Worrying and Your Locus of Control

July 2020
The Path Forward: Your Elder Care Planning Checklist E-book!
The First Step To Keeping Any Goal

May 2020
Money in the Media #31: Smart Money Mamas ICE Binder

April 2020
Financial Anxiety: Guest Post!
Money in the Media #30: Financial Hardship Resources
Levels of Financial Security

March 2020
Don’t Panic- Just Wash Your Hands
Money in the Media #29: Women and Our Finances
Focused Frugal February Round Up

February 2020
Money in the Media #28: Housing Part 2
Focused Frugal February: Self Care
Money in the Media #27: Housing Part 1
Focused Frugal February: Date Night in Is Underrated
Money in the Media #26: Tips for Buying a Car
Focused Frugal February: Meal Planning with the Other Mrs. Firebird
Money in the Media #25: Multitasking

January 2020
Money in the Media #24: 529 Plans
Focused Frugal February
You Deserve to Spend Your Money
Money in the Media #23: Eldercare
Getting Started: Your Annual Financial Review Checklist
Money in the Media #22: Saving Too Much
2020 Goals

December 2019
Money in the Media #21: Financial Education Pays Off
2019: A Year in Review

Money in the Media #20: Tax Planning
What are You Waiting For?
Money in the Media #19: Comparisons
Watching Your Wallet During the Holidays
Money in the Media #18: Wealth Gap

November 2019
Be Thankful
Money in the Media #17: Working Seniors
Black Friday: It’s a Trap!
Money in the Media #16: 529 Savings Plans
Volunteering: Good for the Heart and the Wallet
Money in the Media #15: Trade School
Gift Giving
Money in the Media #14: Student Debt with No Degree
Coupling Up on Finance

October 2019
Money in the Media #13: A Look at 4 Families Budgets
Balance of Power
Money in the Media #12: Money Things to Know Before 30
Health is Wealth: Part Two
Health is Wealth: Part One
Money in the Media #11: It Was Never About the Coffee
It’s Not About the Results

September 2019
Money in the Media #10: Crush Debt
Fourth Quarter Blitz
Money in the Media #9: The Richest Man in Babylon
The Two Sides of a Money Mindset: Part Two
Money in the Media #8: Your Parents’ Advice
The Two Sides of a Money Mindset: Part One
Money in the Media #7: Millennial Consumption

Sinking Funds Keep You Afloat
Money in the Media #6: The Sacrifices of Caregivers

August 2019
The Benefits of Unplugging
Money in the Media #5: The Effects of Student Loan Debt
Money in the Media #4: The End of Inheritance
Subscription Culture
Money in the Media #3: Parents Paying for Adult Children
This Time it’s Personal
Money in the Media #2: Federal Interest Rates are Cut
The Search for Inner Peace

July 2019
Money in the Media #1: The Shame of the Middle Class
Leave Your Blame at the Door
Benefits Questions Starter Pack
Our Debt Free Journey: We Did It!
Budget Your Vacation

June 2019
New and Improved Firebird Finance!

May 2019
Think and Grow Rich

April 2019
Staying Motivated on the Way to FI

March 2019
I Didn’t Want to Leave My Job Before Pursuing FI

February 2019
The Forgotten Insurance
Will You Be My FI Valentine?
Use Your Superpower
Change Your Perspective

January 2019
Learning to Communicate
The $280,000 Conversation
2019: The Year of the Side Hustle

December 2018
First 5 Months as Landlords
Holiday Mindfulness
We Bought Our First Rental Property!!

April 2018
Pursuing FI is a Privilege
We All Have Too Much Shit

March 2018
The Roadmap to FI Series: Part One
Frugal February Challenge: Takeaways

February 2018
Frugal February Challenge Check-in
Crappy Salad or Aston Martin?
How to talk about FI
What is FI Anyway?

January 2018
Frugal February Challenge!
Living a Life of Happine$$
A Little Bit of Eastern Wisdom
Honeymoon Savings and Credit Card Hacking
Cheers to New Year’s Resolutions!

December 2017
Our Non-FI Wedding

November 2017
Savings Rate vs Investment Rate
The Value(s) of Money

October 2017
Let’s Talk About the F Word
Should I Focus on Spending Less or Earning More?
Whoops! There Goes My Money
My FI Story

September 2017
Welcome to Fierbird!