Here’s a list of my favorite podcasts related to money, efficiency and general life improvement. I’ve personally listened to all of these and can attest to the quality of their content. Feel free to send me a message or leave a comment with any suggestions of resources you’ve found useful and I will gladly check them out!

Afford Anything
Hosted by Paula Pant from Afford Anything. Paula alternates episodes with bringing on interviews from financial experts, time management experts and more with “Ask Paula” episodes where she answers listener questions.

Hosted by Brad Barrett and Jonathan Mendosa from ChooseFI. These guys start at the very beginning with expenses to cut from your daily budget and go through to sequence of return risks for investment portfolios. With over 200 episodes, they cover it all.

The Fairer Cents
Kara Perez and Tanja Hester discuss not just finances, but the ways that women are affected by money, social expectations and more!

Hosted by J from Millennial Boss (also formerly hosted by Gwen Merz from Fiery Millennials). J covers a wide variety of topics from different kinds of side hustles, mastermind groups and staying on the path to FI.

Frugal Friends
Jen and Jill are two late 20 year old friends detailing various ways to trim budgets in a sustainable way, both for your bottom line and the environment. Their quirky commentary always has me laughing and it’s a good reminder that frugality and finance can still be fun!

House of FI
Wendy Mays and husband Curtis discuss FI from the point of view of families. Having kids makes finances a bit hectic. Wendy and Curtis cover the highs and lows of pursuing FI with a family. They’ve recently taken a hiatus from producing new content, but the content they currently have out there is still absolutely worth the listen.

Journey To Launch
Hosted by Jamila Souffrant, a mother of 3 and business entrepreneur, who brings a new point of view to some of the same money concepts.

Hosted by Brandon Ganch from MadFientist. Brandon does not add new content often, but that’s only because he’s off living his FI life. When he does add new episodes, they are insightful and well worth the listen.