“…For the first time in a long time, I feel confident about my future and the path I need to take to get there. Emily provided that peace of mind and helped me understand how to look at my finances and tackle outstanding debt. Ultimately, she helped me understand that I have the capacity to take ownership over my money and make some positive change for myself that is completely within my ability…”

Tammy M

“…Talking with her totally reshaped my philosophy on money, debt, and saving. I have paid off all of my debts now (an incredible feeling!) and am working on saving up for a house… Money management can seem near impossible and debt, insurmountable – but working with Emily makes it approachable and engaging. I cannot recommend her or her coaching services enough…

Alex M

Reclaim Your Finances

  • Four (4) One-on-One Sessions over 1 month
  • Kick Start Your Finances
  • Build Your Budget with Confidence
  • Crush Your Debt
  • Align Your Money with your Values

Plan Your Future

$1,494or $498 monthly for 3 months
  • Four (4) One-on-One Sessions each month
  • Includes Everything in Reclaim Your Finances PLUS
  • Overcome Challenges
  • Set and Keep Your Goals
  • Build Your Credit Score

Change Your Life

$2,388or $398 monthly for 6 months
  • Four (4) One-on-One Sessions each month for 6 months
  • Includes everything in Plan Your Future PLUS
  • Kick Your Financial Stress to the Curb
  • Build the Life you Deserve
  • Long Term Planning
  • Follow-Up session 6 months after program completion
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