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Elder Care Planning can be complicated, but it doesn't have to be that way. Get started to protect yourself and your family today.

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    Learning Through Doing

    I was able to learn about estate planning through working with my family to solve the problems of not having everything in order. My dad's diagnosis with early onset Alzheimer's has led me down a road that gave me a large amount of knowledge on this topic. It is my hope to pass that on to you.

    Talking to Your Loved Ones

    The best place to start is talking to your loved ones. Only they know how they want events to play out for them. We had to navigate this without having that conversation first. This is not something I would wish on any family.

    How to Plan for the Future

    This ebook will provide you with clear actions to guide you through planning for your future and help you guide your loved ones as they plan for their future. Having a plan is nothing, but planning is everything.