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Have a Holistic View of Your Money

Spend Your Money

Money, like time is a limited resource. That means it needs to be prioritized or it will slip through your fingers. So, yes, spend your money, but spend it on what matters most and what aligns to what you truly value.

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Financial Coaching

Current selections of Financial Coaching packages and services. Look at how I can help you make the right moves to transform your relationship with money and plan for the stress free future you deserve.

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Sinking Funds

Finding that your emergency fund always gets used up right when you start making progress? I’ve got the solution to help you save for those flat tires, pet expenses and more to keep your emergency fund for true emergencies, like a job loss or medical issue.

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With simple techniques meant for anyone, you can go from living paycheck to paycheck, right through to achieving your goals and changing your relationship with money.

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Alex M.

“I have been meeting with Emily of Firebird Finance for over 3 years now. At first we worked on managing and paying off my student loans and credit card debt. Talking with her totally reshaped my philosophy on money, debt, and saving. I have payed off all of my debts now (an incredible feeling!) and am working on saving up for a house. Taking a new job with a large pay cut recently, it felt near impossible to reach that goal and also stay out of debt (something I have strived to do since paying it all off). I found myself putting more things on my credit card for the sake of maintaining my ‘savings’ account. With her financial coaching services, she was able to provide me with a plan that laid out exactly how I will be able to not only pay my every day bills, but plan for those unexpected expenses AND afford to put money aside for a house and even retirement. Money management can seem near impossible and debt, insurmountable – but working with Emily makes it approachable and engaging. I cannot recommend her or her coaching services enough. Talking to her is the first investment in a line of many wise investments to follow (if you make sure to listen to her!).”

Tammy M.

Working with Emily at Firebird has been an incredible experience. There are still steps that I need to take to really have more control over my financial situation, but for the first time in a long time, I feel confident about my future and the path I need to take to get there. Emily provided that peace of mind and helped me understand how to look at my finances and tackle outstanding debt. Ultimately, she helped me understand that I have the capacity to take ownership over my money and make some positive change for myself that is completely within my ability. Prior to working with Emily, I didn’t think that I had any affinity for budgeting and managing money. She has instilled a confidence in me and has allowed me the room to ask questions to seek further understanding. I look forward to continuing this journey and will absolutely call on her again in the future.

Jennifer B.

“I was completely overwhelmed and honestly, embarrassed about how much debt I had wracked up from my college/post-bacc degrees.  I avoided thinking about it as much as possible because every time I did, I’d panic and feel like I’d never get out from under it.  However, from day one Emily has been understanding and has motivated me to take small, manageable steps to start thinking about my finances in more practical ways.  She has helped me find ways to start paying back my loans and save money while still living a fulfilling, well-rounded life!  Emily has never once doubted that becoming debt-free was possible for me, and is always willing to help me consider my options when thinking through a big purchase, loan, or credit plan.  She’s helped me become more knowledgeable and thoughtful about the financial choices that are going to best work for me, and I no longer feel trapped by my student loans!

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