Here’s a list of my favorite tools related to personal finance and “travel hacking”. I’ve personally read/listened/used all of these and can attest to the quality of their content. Feel free to send me a message or leave a comment with any suggestions of resources you’ve found useful and I will gladly check them out!

In Case of Emergency Binder- Smart Money Mamas
From what bills and insurance policies exist to what your child’s favorite foods may be this ICE binder covers it all. It will help you feel comfortable knowing that your family has all the information they need it. It also comes in an editable pdf so it’s very easy to use and update as anything changes. *SPECIAL ON NOW: 40% OFF while we are in this time of international crisis*

MadFientist Credit Card Hacker
Once you’ve taken the Travel Miles 101 Course, you’re going to want to take a look at this other amazing Mad Fientist tool. He allows you to breakdown all of the current credit card deals by airline, hotel, card type, fees and more, setting you up to make the decision on your next card quick and painless.

Mad Fientist Lab
The Mad Fientist is a fantastic resource and this is one of my favorites. Use this tool to input your monthly savings and expenses to track how long you have until you reach your FI number. So far, we’re tracking to Oct 2029, but that will change once we go from two income, down to one and add some little Firebirds to the mix.

Personal Capital
This is a great tool to combine all of your accounts to track your net worth easily, efficiently and with some pretty nice graphs. Seeing your assets, liabilities, monthly expenses, income and asset allocations all in one place is invaluable!

This is a FREE tool that you can use to check multiple insurance quotes at once. You fill out your information in one location and receive back multiple quotes. Policygenius includes this service for home, auto/RV/motorcycle/boat, life, disability, long term care and more! Make sure that you’re getting the best rate out there and check Policygenius out!

Travel Miles 101 Course
Have you ever thought about trying credit card hacking for travel miles, but been completely overwhelmed by all of the information? This is the starting point for you. This e-mail course lays out the basics in a manageable way to make it clear how even you can save thousands on travel.