This week really threw me for a loop personally and Melisa Ford over at Damsel of Success really stepped up for me by providing this week’s guest post. She is engaging, funny AND informative as heck. I was honored to be a guest on her YouTube Channel in order to promote my new (free) eBook and she’s following up here. So, without further ado, sit back and enjoy the literary stylings of the one and only Damsel of Success as we take a look at what’s on the horizon.

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Because Emily Says So, That’s Why

Every once in a while, you run across a person you just have to know. When I watched Emily Bartz speak at the Cents Positive conference in Seattle in 2019, I had that exact reaction. It’s rare to find someone who both resonates with you as a wonderful human being and is also semi-obsessed with the same things you are.

Emily was that and more. She was smart, funny, friendly, down-to-earth, and—most importantly—she knew her stuff. Like, really knew it.

I had to know her. Had to. And so—after what I’d consider a very reasonable amount of stalking—I somehow tricked her into being my friend, fellow business babe, and part of my close circle of trusted advisors. When the opportunity presented itself* to interview her on my YouTube channel, I jumped at the chance.

Did I mention she knows her stuff? She does.

Emily is a bright and gifted financial coach with expertise in debt reduction, retirement planning, and financial health. I trust her and routinely recommend her services to anyone seeking help with their finances.

Estate Planning

But one thing you have to know about her is that she’s also the absolute, go-to expert on Estate Planning. And frankly, if there’s one area I tend to struggle with (or, you know, ignore altogether), it’s Estate Planning.

Credit: Elena Koycheva – Unsplash

My excuses: I’m single, young-ish, healthy-ish, and Estate Planning feels overwhelming.

Emily can and does refute every single one of these lame excuses. In fact, she has yelled at me** to get my rear in gear and get my affairs in order on multiple occasions. She’s absolutely right.

Estate Planning is essential – even if you’re single, and young, and healthy, and will probably live forever like me. (Insert me plugging my ears and singing, “la-la-la-la-la” to your assertions that no one lives forever.)

And if you’re not all of those things, it’s an even bigger deal. In the interview, Emily shares how she came to be the expert she is. Her story is moving, a little scary, and a lot inspiring.

So, I’m doing it. I’m planning for the inevitable***. Because Emily says so. And I trust her.

If you want to learn her step-by-step method to attack your own estate plan, watch the video we made together****. She breaks it down into simple, digestible pieces and backs it up with her incredible, free eBook on the same topic.

Learn More About Money, No Matter Your Starting Point

Oh, and if you you’re a money nerd (or, you know, just want to stop being the financial equivalent of a dumpster fire), join me over at Damsel of Success or on my YouTube Channel under the same name. I publish a video every Wednesday on topics like retirement planning, investing, retiring early, budgeting, debt payoff, and more. The video, How to Be Good With Money | 5 Steps to Master Your Personal Finances in 2020 & Get Better with Money, is a great place to start. Hope to see you soon!

*By “presented itself” I mean I begged her to do it.

**Okay, fine. She very kindly encouraged me. No yelling was involved.

***I still insist that I will live forever.

****She did most of the work, I just kinda’ showed up. Sucka!!!

More About the AMAZING Damsel of Success Herself

Melisa Ford dishes about all things money every Wednesday on her YouTube Channel, Damsel of Success. Her favorite money topics are planning for early retirement (FIRE) and laughing at all her past money blunders. When she’s not making a fool of herself in front of the camera, she enjoys making a fool of herself in real life via hiking, building cool stuff with cool tools, and trying to annoy her friends with her constant singing. Want to know where you stand on your path to financial freedom? Download her free Wealth Ladder today.

I cannot be more grateful to for this Damsel of Success Guest Post. I hope you all will take the opportunity to browse through some of her amazing content and start your own success stories today!