The end of the this year means that it’s time to take off in 2021! By that I mean that I’m excited to announce a new Firebird Finance 2021 promotion and a complete change in pricing. To say the absolute least, this past year has been quite something. While it has been a time of great trial and tribulation, it has also been a time of reflection.

One of the many concepts that I’ve had the time to reflect on this year is that of accessibility. Looking at the way that my own business is providing coaching services, I realized that the way I had previously priced out my services were not in line with my own values. So, I went back to my clients and others to get feedback on how to improve the accessibility of my financial coaching programs. Here is what I took from the experience.

New Program and Pricing

My previous program and pricing structure was based on offering complete packages to take clients from zero to hero. I could take them from stressing over their finances to a new money mindset with long term solutions. My program included between 4-6 sessions per month over a one month, three month or six month timeframe. I surveyed current and potential clients and confirmed suspicions that this could be too much up front. So, I’ve changed the way I lay out my program. Here is what it now looks like:

  • A two-hour Take Off session to level set where your finances are and lay some basic budgeting ground work.
  • If you continue, a one-hour session to follow up and refine that budget based on their experiences over that month.
  • If you continue, a one-hour session per month is held to review their budget and discuss new learning opportunities. We cover topics such as debt payoff strategies, retirement savings, long-term goal setting, credit score improvements, money anxieties and so much more.
  • These monthly sessions can be continued as long as you wish, with more months signed for up front accounting for a decrease in cost.

Basically, less is more. Many of my clients are busy, tired and overspent. The time I was asking from them could be seen as quite the commitment. While focusing is the fastest way to improve and make changes, sometimes that just doesn’t jive with real life.

Take Off in 2021 Promotion!

On top of this new pricing structure, I wanted to help jumpstart the new year with a low cost Take Off Session. I know that this session will help level set your finances and get you on the right path, but I think it’s best heard from one of my clients.

Working with Emily at Firebird has been an incredible experience. There are still steps that I need to take to really have more control over my financial situation, but for the first time in a long time, I feel confident about my future and the path I need to take to get there. Emily provided that peace of mind and helped me understand how to look at my finances and tackle outstanding debt. Ultimately, she helped me understand that I have the capacity to take ownership over my money and make some positive change for myself that is completely within my ability. Prior to working with Emily, I didn’t think that I had any affinity for budgeting and managing money. She has instilled a confidence in me and has allowed me the room to ask questions to seek further understanding. I look forward to continuing this journey and will absolutely call on her again in the future.

Tammy M.

So, please take advantage of this promotion for $100 off the price of a 2-hour Take Off Session. Just go my scheduling page and se the following code when you make your appointment.


Cheers to starting the new year off right and I will speak to you soon!