Is there anything better than women supporting women? There are so many talented, strong, driven women out there and it’s crucial that they all are seen in the spotlight they rightfully deserve. In honor of International women’s day today, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite women content creators in the personal finance space.

Women have less than half of the current net worth of their male counterparts. This just stresses how much financial independence could change the game for women. Opening up opportunities for women is something that all of these incredible women are known for, so I highly recommend that you check out the value these women have to offer. You will not be disappointed.

Jamilla Souffrant, Journey to Launch

Jamilla’s platform, Journey to Launch started as a part time gig while she was also working full time and a mother to 2 kids. From there, she has grown it to a full time career with over 2 million downloads to her excellent podcast. All while having a third child. Check out how to become a journeyer and unlock extra content and courses through her Money Launch Club.

Jamilla is also an advocate for anyone whose voice needs to be uplifted. Her podcast guests include folks from all backgrounds. So no matter where you’re from, I’m sure that you’ll find someone who you can identify with.

Angela Rozmyn, Tread Lightly, Retire Early

Angela is one of the best female advocates for other women that I know. Her platform Tread Lightly, Retire Early regularly advocates for other women in the personal finance space through Women’s Personal Finance Wednesdays. Angela has also created one of the best Facebook groups out there centered around women supporting women. It might be the only reason I still have a Facebook.

Not only does Angela bring light to critical voices and topics in personal finance, she also advocates strongly for the environment and sustainability. One of the first times hearing of Angela was on the ChooseFI podcast talking about how to make your home more environmentally-friendly. We’ve adopted several of her tips and intend to make some sustainable updates to our home. Best part is that they’re usually cheaper than their wasteful counterparts anyway!

Paula Pant, Afford Anything

Paula Pant’s platform, Afford Anything was the first personal finance education platform run by a woman that I came across back in 2015. She is funny, smart and relatable. On top of that, she’s the reason that my wife and I have a rental property, which has hyper-accelerated our savings and set us up for success. Most importantly, Paula, similar to the work I do with my clients, walks through decision making as a framework. Allowing for the decision maker to evaluate options thoroughly and make an informed decision that moves them in the direction that works best for them.

The next enrollment of Paula’s course, Your First Rental Property, is coming up soon. If you want someone to take you from start to finish on owning your own rental property, look no further. Having created a significant portion of her own wealth using buy and hold, residential rental properties she practices what she preaches without being preachy.

Tanja Hester, Our Next Life

Tanja Hester from Our Next Life is a great example of saving for early retirement without being ultra frugal. Tanja’s book, Work Optional, is an extremely well thought out look at the ways early retirement can be achieved. Something she and her husband, Mark, were able to do in 2017. She even includes a section on healthcare, which many looking to retire early are worried about here in the US.

In addition to her personal finance prowess, Tanja is both an advocate for women and social justice. Nowhere is this more obvious than on The Fairer Cents podcast. The podcast she hosts with Kara Perez, another strong feminist in personal finance, brings light to current issues from a fresh perspective. Finally, Tanja plans to hammer this point home with a new book coming out in Dec of this year called Wallet Activism.

Tori Dunlap, Her First $100K

Tori Dunlap from Her First $100K is such a strong presence. I first heard Tori on this ChooseFI podcast episode, where she tells her background story on money. She gives advice on how to negotiate your salary, and that’s just a sneak peak into the value she can add to your life. She even has free courses for your career and finances. Be sure to check them out as she helps women smash the patriarchy by making them rich. Sounds pretty good to me.

Bola Sokundi, Clever Girl Finance

Bola’s platform, Clever Girl Finance is really something. She’s not only a Certified Financial Education Instructor, CFEI, but an author of multiple books as well. Bola offers over 30 free financial courses to get her clients headed in the right direction. On top of it all, Bola uses her platform to amplify voices of other women in the personal finance space.

One of the things that drew me to Bola is her story. It’s truly unique and centers around a strong bond with her family, particularly her mother. That strong foundation has brought her to where she is today.

And So Many More!

Listing out all of the inspiring women in the personal finance arena would take a lot longer than this post. In fact, I can confidently say that I have barely scratched the surface Please take the opportunity to dive into any of these lists on inspiring women in the personal finance space. I will be sure to create more posts bringing light to strong women supporting women in the personal finance space.

Happy International Women’s Day Everyone!