One of the most important modules that I work on with my financial coaching clients is elder care planning. Elder care planning may not sound exciting, but this is not something you want to be exciting. You want a plan. My family learned this the hard way. I have spoken a bit about this before, but my dad’s diagnosis of Early Onset Alzheimer’s was ultimately what lead me towards starting this financial coaching business. “The Path Forward: Your Elder Care Planning Checklist” e-book is the culmination of my personal experiences and research to work through this difficult subject with my coaching clients.

I started taking control of my own finances after seeing my parents’ experience with my dad’s disability and how they struggled financially as a result.  Not having their financial lives together affected every other aspect of their lives. After that, I became obsessed with my own financial health.  Initially, I just wanted to have my own money and not be part of their financial problems. Now, my wife and I want to keep all options open for our family going forward through financial independence. Elder care planning is a crucial part of financial independence and this e-book will help you down that path.

What This Book Covers

Over the course of 70 pages, this book breaks down the essential information that you will need to know in order to plan for your own future and help your loved ones plan theirs. There is a lot of information out there on this topic. I did my best to break it all down into bite sized pieces with actionable steps along the way.

This book covers:

  • Building your own estate plan and what documents you will need.
  • Creating an “In case of emergency” plan in the event you were to pass on.
  • How to start the conversation with your parents (or loved ones).
  • What they will need and how you can help.
  • What financial programs and options are available to you as they relate to long term care.

Why it is Important

It is absolutely crucial to get elder care plans set up now, even if things change later on. Having these plans in place sets you up for a successful retirement and gives you peace of mind that your loved ones will be taken care of later in life. There is even a “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” episode that discusses what can happen if these plans are not in place. Warning that while he is hilarious, the message of the segment is not so if you have high anxiety about this topic, I recommend skipping the video and going right to the book.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Season 5, Episode 13

It’s understandable to be concerned or even scared about what can happen to you or your loved ones in the future. My family went through this without a plan and it became a long, drawn out and painful process that I would not wish on anyone. “The Path Forward: Your Elder Care Planning Checklist” e-book is a free, quick and easy first step towards building your elder care plan. Let me show you the path forward.

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