Sending everyone good vibes and great times with family on this wonderful holiday. As my wife and I were opening our presents to each other this morning and giving our furbabies their stockings of treats and toys, I couldn’t help but think about this journey of FI that we’re on. Kayla and I are so very fortunate for everything we have and it’s times like this when we’re off from work for a bit that I really get to appreciate it all. I’m reminded once again why we are on the path to FI and what we’re really working towards.

We’re not working to see how little we can spend in a month to shove money into our investment accounts.

We’re not working towards some magical number that will solve all of our problems.

We’re working for time. Time to spend with each other, our friends and family. Time to enjoy all of the things we work so hard for all year long. Time to pursue our passion projects. Time. There’s an old quote that says “Time is money,” but I disagree. Time is much greater than money.

So, to all of you FIers out there, I wish for you the realization or remembrance of your “why” that has lead you down the path to be debt free, a millionaire or whatever else your financial goals may be for the coming years. Never forget your why and always remember to spend your time even more wisely than you spend your money.

Happy Holidays from the Waltz family!

What is your “why” and how do you live your life with intention? Let me know in the comments below!